AsterHouse Design works with commercial and residential spaces on new construction and remodels. Typically, we are involved with a building project from the beginning, often working with your architect or contractor. Our job is to help create a functional interior space by understanding how you will use each room.

Services Offered

AsterHouse Design currently offers the following services:

    • Full-Service Design – A luxury service developed to make the construction process easy and fun, and to capture your style with a totally unique finished project. (Our signature service)
    • Floorplan & Finishes Consultation – A collaborative brainstorming session in which AsterHouse designers bring samples, ideas and experience to help you solve a design problem.
    • Furnishings Consultation – Our team will design the layout and furnishings for a single room or a whole home or building.

For more information or an estimate, we welcome your call at 414-502-0695 or email at


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